sfmm-13 Peng Ni vs. GM Wang(Gripping the collar Abdominal abuse)




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(Full 24 minutes)

Pull the collar and abuse the abdomen!
Two years ago, Peng ni was defeated by Wang Shuai in a fight, and his face was affected, forcing him to live with a mask.
After two years of hard training and excellent martial arts skills, he found Wang Shuai and fought against him again!
Wang Shuai seems to be no longer his opponent. In the huge disparity of strength,
Wang Shuai can only be grabbed by Peng ni’s collar and beaten in the abdomen and body!

sfmm-12 GM Hu (Superman) vs. Junjie













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sfmm-12 GM Hu (Superman) vs. Junjie

(Full film 26 minutes)

Hu Xin( GM Hu ) is a senior director of a company. He is mature, gentle and personable. He has many admirers in the company.

Because of his superpowers, he also has a secret identity, which is to occasionally incarnate as Superman to deliver justice.

Junjie is his subordinate, once he was punished by Hu Xin because of a work mistake, so Junjie held a grudge.

When Junjie accidentally discovered the secret that Hook is a Superman, he asked Hu Xin to come out and fight.

Hu Xin participated very confidently and without fear, and defeated Junjie in no time!

However, when Junjie took out a piece of green kryptonite from the corner, Hu Xin immediately felt weak and exhausted…

The proud Junjie thought that Hu Xin would be defeated, so he put away the kryptonite.

Finding the opportunity, Hu Xin immediately transformed into a superman, his strength increased several times, and he defeated Junjie again and punished him!

The helpless Junjie had no choice but to continue to take out the kryptonite, and Hu Xin, who had transformed into a superman, suddenly felt weak again!

He who has transformed into a superman will continue to be tortured by Junjie’s iron fist under the radiation of kryptonite!

If you want to know the ending, welcome to enjoy the whole film!